VictorOps Integration Guide

Apteligent provides seamless integration with VictorOps. Using Apteligent’s VictorOps integration, whenever a Apteligent alert is triggered, it will automatically trigger an incident in VictorOps so that customers can take advantage of VictorOp’s on-call schedule management and incident notification system.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this integration in less than 5 minutes:

  1. In the Apteligent Alert Center, click Alert Integrations, then click Add Integration.

  2. Select VictorOps as the Integration type and give your new Alert Integration a custom name (for example, VictorOps Integration).

  3. To get the service key for the integration, you need to create a new service in your VictorOps account. Log into your VictorOps account, then click Settings in the top menu. You should see the following screen.

  4. Click Integrations in the top right corner. Under Incoming Alerts, click Alert Ingestion API. Copy the Post URL string.

  5. Go back to Apteligent and paste the URL from VictorOps into the URL field.

  6. Change the $routing_key string to an arbitrary string of your choosing, such as VO-alert.

  7. Click Create Integration.