Webhooks Integration Guide

This topic describes how to integrate Apteligent alerts with Webhooks.

Using Apteligent’s webhooks integration, whenever a Apteligent alert is triggered, Apteligent will POST a message to a specified URL. In this topic, we will use RequestBin <http://requestb.in/> to demonstrate how to create a] webhook and inspect the message that is received.

Step 1. Create a RequestBin

  1. Go to RequestBin <http://requestb.in/> and select Create a RequestBin.

  2. Copy the Bin URL.


Step 2. Create Apteligent Integration

  1. Login to Apteligent, go to Alert Center and Alert Integrations and Add Integration.

  2. Select Webhook as the Integration type and give your integration a Name.

  3. Paste the Bin URL from above.

  4. Click Create Integration.


Step 3. Inspect Payload

Create a new alert then try triggering it. After a few minutes, if the alert is successful, you should see the following payload information when you reload the RequestBin site.


For additional assistance, contact Apteligent Support (support@apteligent.com).