Logging Crashes

Once Apteligent is initialized within your app, crashes will automatically be captured and reported to the Apteligent Portal. Please note that tvOS does not enable Mach exceptions, so we cannot capture crashes caused by stack overflows or infinite recursions.

Testing Crash Reporting

When testing crash reporting, be sure to disconnect the Xcode debugger. The debugger will hit a breakpoint before a crash actually occurs, which prevents Apteligent from detecting a crash. To detach the debugger, you can go to the ‘“Debug” menu in Xcode and click “Detach” while the app is running. Alternatively, you can click the “stop” button in the upper left hand corner of Xcode. Next, go to your device or simulator, and open the app manually. Now you should be able to test crash reporting without Xcode interfering.

Handling Offline Crashes

If a user’s device does not have Internet connectivity, Apteligent caches any crashes that have occurred on the device until they can be sent to Apteligent. By default, Apteligent caches up to three crashes on the device. If more than the maximum number of crashes occur, the oldest crash will be overwritten.